“With Daniatech’s two ProcessMasters, we are able to continue making reliable contributions to our recipes in our state-of-the-art facility”

Helping to drive innovation

Company: Cérélia Netherlands B.V.

Location: Sliedrecht, The Netherlands

Year: 2020

Application: Pancake batter

Technology: VacuumMaster, ShearMaster

Cérélia is growing internationally, exports to 50 countries worldwide and has international sales offices and production locations. Its focus is on supplying pancakes, mini pancakes and chilled dough to major retailers and food service customers all over the world. With a global market, Cérélia strives for continued innovation in cooperation with customers.

Sustainable value creation

Cérélia aims to drive long-term sustainable value creation, and this can only be done in close cooperation with various business partners. In order to stay ahead of customer wishes, Cérélia offers a wide variety of products of consistently high quality. These products are made in facilities.

Staying ahead and maintaining a state-of-the-art facility led Cérélia on the way to Daniatech SiccaDania. To optimise Cérélia’s production, the experts at Daniatech suggested two VacuumMaster which allow for batch production and easy switch between productions.

The right equipment

Cérélia’s standards for personal safety and industrial and logistical safety meet the highest requirements. They invest to continually optimise all aspects of production including the mixing of the batter.

“With Daniatech’s two ProcessMasters, we are able to continue making reliable contributions to our recipes in our state-of-the-art facility” – Jens Andriessen, project engineer, Cérélia

One of the reasons for choosing Daniatech SiccaDania was their know-how and expertise within the industry. Knowing the product is essential especially when creating the perfect mixer. In the world of pancakes, there is a variety of types – from American pancakes to savoury and sweet pancakes. Because of the many different products produced at the Cérélia facility, it was essential that a new mixer was able to handle a quick switch from one batch to another.

For this company, we delivered:

Two 1000L VacuumMaster equipped with

  • A bottom-mounted ShearMaster
  • Dynamic mixer head
  • Cooling/heating jacket
  • Vacuum system
    • Vacuum inlet from a funnel
  • Top-mounted scraper agitator
  • Fully automated control

Besides the mixers, we delivered

  • Powder funnels
  • Four 10L powder hoppers
  • Two 100L hoppers

About Cérélia

Formed in 2012 by merging Alsacienne de Pâtes Ménagères (“APM”, founded in 1994) and Eurodough (former Sara Lee International Bakery division, created in 1974), Cérélia is a leading transatlantic provider of innovative bakery solutions. Thanks to sustained organic growth over many years, driven by a relentless focus on product quality, service levels, and new product innovation (such as the introduction of organic, gluten-free and wholesome products) and an ambitious, yet thoughtful M&A strategy, Cérélia has become the leader in the European market.

Cérélia - a tour of the mixers