“We were looking for a solution and not just a unit”

Batch after batch. Year after Year.

Company: Lactosan

Location: Denmark

Year: 2021

Application: Cheese Powder

Technology: VacuumMaster

Lactosan strives to develop, produce and market ingredients to the food industry, primarily based on dried cheese products.
In 2019, Lactosan began looking for ways to optimise both the value chain and production and build knowledge for future product lines.

Expanding production on the same footprint

The key to Lactosan’s success is to provide customers with the exact taste, functionality and composition customers need. Batch after batch. Year after year.
To stay ahead of the demand, Lactosan set out to increase its production – from three to four lines. Increasing the production was not as straightforward in that both the existing equipment exhibited problems and square footage was limited.

“We started looking for solutions and concluded that a standard unit might not be the correct solution for us” 

– Christian Gisler, Production Manager, Lactosan

The VacuumMaster is developed for products with medium to high viscosities and is designed with a directly driven high-shear mixer at the bottom and top-mounted agitator. The vacuum feature allows automatic handling of the powder dosing directly from bigbags or silos. Using vacuum, the powder is drawn into the mixer below liquid level and is instantly wetted.

The powerful, high-shear mixer generates a controlled vortex in the tank. The combination of vortex and vacuum effectively separates air from liquid and generates a perfect homogeneous dispersion within seconds.

“Daniatech continues to help us innovate and tackle the issues before they arise”
– Christian Gisler, Production Manager, Lactosan

Collaboration for the future

“Daniatech is always looking for new ways to improve our already well-functioning machines”
– Christian Gisler, Production Manager, Lactosan

The collaboration between Lactosan and Daniatech is built on mutual trust and communication. Christian Gisler and the team at Lactosan continue to work with the mixers, trimming them to run optimally while maintaining an open dialogue to see if new innovations or solutions can further enhance production.

“We have a great dynamic in our collaboration. We are heard, and this is translated through Daniatech’s vast knowhow and experience to a solution uniquely adapted for our site”
– Christian Gisler, Production Manager, Lactosan

By installing these new mixers, Lactosan has solved their issues. The new equipment runs more effectively and is custom-designed to fit within a very limited square footage alongside an existing production line.

About Lactosan

Lactosan has a deep understanding of what it takes to meet different preferences within different markets.

Lactosan provides customers with cheese powders, which are currently used in as many as 20+ different application areas, helping to ensure a delicious flavour and providing the extra functionality required.

With two modern manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Denmark and Uruguay, Lactosan provides cheese powders for many of the world’s best cheese manufacturers around the world.

What we delivered

  • Two 1200 l VacuumMaster
  • One 1500 l VacuumMaster
  • Steam for heating
  • Mixer head
  • Vacuum suction from a powder funnel