Technology Overview

At Daniatech, we realise that mixing is a key process and one of the most demanding unit operations within the process industry today

Efficient technology

As an experienced high-shear mixer and powder handling manufacturer, Daniatech provides flexible solutions adapted to your production.

With extensive experience in mixing, we know how dissolving ingredients can become an obstacle to efficient production – by continuously developing the products, we have solved that. It gives you a more reliable and efficient production. Our ISO-certified high-shear mixers are also energy efficient. This guarantees a stable production with double the product yield.

All our equipment is built according to the EHEDG standard. All our powder handling equipment is built according to ATEX regulations. Mixers can optionally be built according to ATEX certification.

Moreover, our technology secures a better work environment with less noise from production. Our high-shear mixers guarantee a noise level down to 74 dB at the benefit of both you and your employees.


Do you need help?

Did you not find the technology you were looking for or do you need help with a specific set up, do not hesitate to contact us.