Recombined milk

Milk is considered to be one of the most valuable agricultural products that exists, and we can help with equipment for the processing of recombined milk, flavoured milk and sweetened condensed milk.

Different technologies for milk

Milk is considered to be one of the most valuable agricultural products that exists, and it is consumed by people all around the globe. It is a product where innovation have been a key focus as milk is a nutritious food with a short shelf-life. Today, it is possible to prolong milk’s shelf-life through different techniques such as cooling, pasteurisation and fermentation. Adding flavour, colour or even changing the consistency is also possible.

We, at Daniatech, have many years of experience with milk, and how it forms the basis for a numerous range of products. We have innovated the most suitable technologies to ensure that we deliver the most optimal process solutions and mixing technology. The listed milks below are just some of the products we can provide technologies for:

  • Flavoured milk
  • Recombined milk
  • Sweetened condensed milk
Milk in a glass

Recombined milk

Making recombined milk is done by adding water, milk powder and fat (vegetable or milk fat). It is a product that can provide a nutritious and high-quality dairy product, in areas where access to raw milk is limited. In addition to this recombined milk is also an important product due to areas that have no access to refrigeration and transportation.

With Daniatechs long experience with the production of recombined milk, you will get an emulsified product you can use for further downstream treatment. With a Daniatech mixer, we take into consideration all the aspects that can affect the texture and taste of the product, such as the oxygenation of fat which will ruin the taste of the product, so you are certain to get a product of high quality.

Flavoured milk

The sweetened dairy drink, which is made with milk, sugar, food colouring and flavourings, can come in two versions – as a pasteurized, refrigerated product or a UHT product which does not require refrigeration. In addition to this, there also exist two ways to produce flavoured milk – either by using milk – where you add flavour or using the process of recombined milk – where you add flavour.

When producing flavoured milk products, the amount of milk fat that goes into your product plays a part. As lower fat contents in the products give them a more refreshing feel and therefore, they are most suited for fruit-flavoured products, such as banana and strawberry. Whereas a higher fat content is more suited for cocoa milk.

In the production process, the liquid ingredients are metered into the mixer, The powered ingredients, such as skim milk powder, sugar etc. Are added into the mixture where it is thoroughly mixed. Stabilizers and emulsifiers are then added, however, it is also possible to add them together with some of the other ingredients such as sugar, to aid incorporation into the liquid. When all this is mixed well, the flavour and food colouring will be added, and then the mixture will be passed through a high-pressure homogenizer.

Sweetened condensed milk

Sweetened condensed milk is a form of concentrated milk in which sugar has been added. Making sweetened condensed milk is a relatively simple process if you have the right equipment. With a Daniatech mixer, the product is ensured to be correctly emulsified and will have the correct particle size as well as the needed solubility.

At Daniatech, we know the importance of proper mixing. Even with the right amount of ingredients and flavours, the end product will never satisfy the high-quality and taste requirements of today’s consumers unless all components are thoroughly mixed. Our year-long experience in the field, ensures you receive a product of high quality and consistency.


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