The applications that Daniatech mixers excels at mixing are especially found in the global dairy and food and beverage industries.

Daniatech technology

Daniatech is a manufacturer of high-tech mixing equipment for a wide range of different applications. We are a technology-based company with a strong focus on hygienic, versatile and energy-efficient technology and solutions that make the manufacturing of different applications an efficient and effective process. The targeted feedback and advice combined with market-leading technology gives dairy, food and beverage manufacturers, among others, the confidence to innovate and create a wide range of products to meet the changing demands of the market. Our versatile and flexible solutions allow our customers to react quickly while remaining efficient in their production to reduce cost, resources and energy.

As a manufacturer of mixing equipment, we understand that the constant shift in people’s tastes and requirements entails that the number of advanced ingredients and formulations for new beverages present a great challenge for the mixing equipment. With the demand for more complex products and higher capacities in production, Daniatech solutions offer more automation at higher capacities.

With our expertise in mixing and powder handling combined with our understanding of your processes, we can design a solution that meets your demands for trouble-free operation within several applications from diary to personal care. Applications such as dairy, food and beverage are experiencing increasing demands from consumers. We are able to help customers stay in tune with the changes.

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