Ice Cream Mix

With our high-shear mixing processes, you can emulsify and homogenise your ice cream mixes for an optimal mix that is ready for freezing.

Create a great taste experience

Ice cream manufacturers are always looking to create a product that appeals to consumers through quality, taste and flavour. Although, a unique combination of ingredients is what makes one manufacturer’s product stand out from another, local legislation can determine some aspects of the compostion of ice cream. Manufacturers need to be aware of these local requirements.  

Flexibility in ice cream manufacturing

There are many ways manufacturers can create a unique experience for ice cream-loving consumers. Product variations can include different flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate and fruit, and their corresponding colours and different textures. These textures can be achieved with certain additives or by varying the production process 

Fruit pulp can be added during or after the production process, e.g. fruit, chocolate or nut pieces can be used to decorate the ice cream. Other product variations include frozen yoghurt and low-fat ice cream. Low-fat ice cream can be produced as traditional ice cream or as ice milk, which is popular in temperate climates 

High-shear mixing for the right ice cream blend 

Ice cream is made by simultaneously freezing and aerating a specially created liquid mixture containing fat, sugar, milk solids, an emulsifying agent, stabilisers, flavouring and colourings. The fat can be extracted from dairy products – milk, cream or butter – or from a non-dairy source.  

The ice cream ingredients must be blended properly with high-quality, specialised equipment to ensure sufficient mixing of the liquid and dry ingredients to achieve a product that conforms to local market demands. High-shear mixers produce the best results. 

Efficient ice cream production

Daniatech mixers are designed for high-shear mixingThis is important because it allows you to achieve difficult emulsifications and homogenisation faster and in a highly efficient process. The shorter process time results in significant energy savings. 

Our mixers represent the next generation of mixing solutions for the ice cream manufacturing industry. Not only are they more compact and perfectly optimised for energy-efficient, highshear mixing, but they are also virtually maintenancefree. 

An example of our innovative approach is the use of vacuum technology. In our VacuumMaster mixer, ingredients are introduced by powerful vacuum and instantly dispersed in the liquid using our ShearMaster. 

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Choose the right solution for your ice cream mixing  

As a unique proposition, we can offer you a test mixer to help you choose the right solution for your specific processYou can test products at the SiccaDania test centre, and we can provide test mixers for rent for onsite testing. 

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