Cheese comes in multiple variations. Meaning that all the different variations require different ingredients, processing etc. Our mixing equipment can handle them all.

Providing technology for cheese production

Cheese comes in multiple variations. Meaning that all the different variations require different ingredients, processing etc. As many variations as cheese come in, the same goes for the consumers’ taste preferences. The shift in consumer taste is only one of the challenges the dairy sector is facing – the demand for sustainability has also become an important aspect for consumers. These aspects are challenging the proven processes that dairies have usually operated with.

The change in consumers’ preferences and lifestyles as well as the technological advances, asks us, the manufacturer, to be capable of delivering innovative & flexible solutions. At Daniatech, we acknowledge the fact that successful performance in today’s dairy market is dependent on the ability to adapt to change. Therefore, we provide customers with high-quality, efficient products which can be customised to fit your production and easily expanded.

Processed cheese

Processed cheeses come in many forms – from firm, creamy, spreadable to sliceable and many more.

The processed cheese products are usually made with natural cheese, emulsifying salts, water and the additional ingredients the customer wants/needs for their specific product. The batch of ingredients is mixed/blended and heated up to 75-85°C degrees while it is regularly sheared so customers will get a thoroughly mixed and uniform product.

At Daniatech, we have developed mixing equipment that ensures our customers get a consistent and high-quality product when using our technologies. We know the importance of consistency when producing processed cheeses.

Cream cheese/spreadable cheese

It is no secret that consumers today have high criteria for the products they consume, this also applies to cream cheeses and spreadable cheeses. Consumers are expecting a product that is smooth, easy to spread out and of course, has good taste.

You can divide the spreadable cheeses into two groups; cream cheese and processed spreadable cheese. The two groups differ slightly in how they are produced. Spreadable cheese is made from recombined milk and powder ingredients. When making cream cheese it is done by fermenting or acidifying milk or fresh cream, until you achieve a thicker spreadable consistency. However, it can also be made from recombined milk powder.

At Daniatech, our mixers are developed to deliver consistent products that are thoroughly mixed without any signs of lumps.

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