Cheese comes in multiple variations. Meaning that all the different variations require different ingredients, processing etc. Our mixing equipment can handle them all.

Innovating plant-based production

Plant-based milk, cheese, meat and so on. The plant-based food market has expanded rapidly over recent years. This expansion has made it easier for consumers, who are not necessarily vegan or vegetarian, to integrate plant-based alternatives into their diet.

Plant-based products are not only gaining popularity due to the health benefits the products have. The environment also plays a part, as the consumers are more aware of products’ impact on the planet. Plant-based alternatives are therefore highly valuable for consumers, as they leave a smaller footprint.

The more the plant-based market is evolving, the more need there is for innovative and either new facilities for production or expanding existing facilities. Daniatech specialises in making mixers that can accommodate all needs in regard to production of plant-based products.

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