Infant Formula

From powder handling and mixing to liquid processing, spray drying and packaging, we can assist you with all the necessary technology and know-how to produce high-quality and nutritionally safe infant formula.

It all starts with high quality and nutritional safety

Infant formula powders typically consist of ingredients including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids and minerals. Depending on the raw products used, the production process normally consists of multiple processing units. These include powder handling and mixing, liquid processing and thermal treatment, evaporation, spray drying and packaging (pouches, cans or bags).  

For infant formula manufacturers, the challenge is to formulate recipes of similar composition to natural breast milk while also meeting the nutritional needs and mitigating potential allergy risks of infants of different age groups.  

Designing an infant formula production line for success

When planning process requirements for the baby food industry, safety and reliability are the most important aspects of process design. 

With our intense focus on producing high-quality and nutritionally safe infant formula powder, we can supply all the necessary equipment and operational know-how to support your production processes.  

Daniatech together with the SiccaDania team can, in close collaboration with your team, design an optimal process for your specific infant formula recipe.

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Integrated project management

Manufacturing and installing an infant formula processing line requires thorough knowledge of and experience with the entire production process. It also requires an integrated approach for streamlining the project management of all the necessary parties.

In addition to manufacturing your process plant, we offer complete project management and integration solutions to help you achieve the optimal production design.

Need help?

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