Today’s competitive dairy market is dependent on the ability to adapt to change. Manufacturers of dairy products are, therefore, dependent on the ability to swiftly and effectively optimise production – this is where we can help.

We help dairy manufacturers thrive on change

Dairy products are still a stable part of the diet in many cultures around the world, but the dairy sector is under pressure from non-dairy/plant-based alternatives. The change in consumers’ preferences and lifestyles as well as the technological advances asks us, the manufacturer, to be capable of delivering innovative & flexible solutions. Within the dairy industry, this entails creating a wide range of equipment capable of processing from standard milk or mayonnaise to low-fat, allergen-free products, catering for the needs of all consumers. Furthermore, manufacturers require different technologies for different product types. With a Daniatech mixer, our customers are ready for any change the market may require.

The constantly growing number of advanced ingredients and formulations for new dairy products as well as requirements of higher capacities offers a great challenge for mixing equipment. To meet these increasing requirements, Daniatech solutions offer a higher degree of automation and higher capacities. This enables our customers to increase the size of the operations and optimise production at the same time.

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Create new business value

The constantly growing number of advanced ingredients and formulations for new dairy products presents great challenges for processing equipment. Different technologies are required for different product types.  

To meet these challenges, we have designed our equipment to offer more automation and higher capacities. This enables you to increase the size of operations and reducing labour costs at the same time.

However, advanced processing equipment, however high-performing it may be, isn’t all you need to achieve success. 

Tap into our expertise to: 

  • Break into a new market 
  • Determine the best technologies for the job 
  • Lift your capacity 
  • Reduce labour costs through automation 
  • Discover what’s next in processing capabilities 
  • Get inspired by our R&D 

Innovate with us

As a unique proposition, we can offer you a test mixer to help you choose the right solution for your specific process. You can test products at the SiccaDania test centre, and we can offer test mixers for rent for onsite testing.

Our team of application specialists and technology developers are always ready to discuss – and solve – your technical challenges. Or to suggest the best path to seizing a new market opportunity with products that stand out from the crowd. 

Ask us today how we can address your top-of-mind challenges. We will recommend a technological design that can do what you need today, yet scale to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

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