Daniatech Lands Record-Large Order for Mixers

Daniatech is going to deliver the largest mixer order of Scandinavia ever!

Daniatech Lands Record-Large Order for Mixers

Daniatech is delivering a large part of a new process factory for the juice producer Co-Ro

In January this year, Alfa Laval announced that the Danish producer of soft drinks and ice lollies for home freezing home, Co-Ro, needs a new complete mixing plant.

One of the suppliers benefitting from this order is Daniatech, a Danish-based company specialized in production of mixers.

“We are delivering all the mixing equipment,” says Jens Nygaard Andersen, owner and CEO of Daniatech and elaborates,

“We have received this order because we have been flexible and solution-oriented. We are able to provide an integrated solution including both mixers and powder handling equipment. This is the largest mixer order to be delivered in Scandinavia EVER – and not just for Daniatech.”

Previously, Daniatech has delivered a similar mixing plant to a large soft drink producer in Denmark.

12 Mixers Produce the Base

Co-Ro is well-known for making the fruity soft drinks Sunquick and Suntop as well as the ice lollies Sun Lolly. The part of the plant that Daniatech is delivering will roughly be the part where the various  ingredients for the drinks are mixed.

“12 mixers make up the delivery as well as some powder handling equipment. Pretty much all the base liquids used for Sun Lolly, Sunquick and the other soft drinks must be mixed at the beginning of the process. Therefore, there are mixers for skimmed milk, sugar, concentrates, citric acid and so on, which is why the 12 mixers are necessary. The plant is huge and none of the mixers are the same,” Jens Andersen explains.

“They are all connected to some sort of powder handling equipment that automatically doses sugar, citric acid, and other powder ingredients,” he adds.

A large part of the fruit juice is produced as concentrate and shipped to Co-Ro’s other factories around the world, but some of it is also used at the factory in Frederikssund, Denmark.

Different Sizes

Co-Ro’s new factory must be ready in 2025, and Daniatech starts their deliveries around April and ends around August.

As previously mentioned, the Daniatech part of the plant consists of 12 different mixers, making the order quite complex order where each mixer needs to be built specifically for its purpose.

“The smallest ones are simply just small inline pumps. But then the mixers range from 500 L and up to 6000 L in size. And then there are six or seven powder handling systems – bigbag solutions, he elaborates.

The equipment will be produced at Daniatech’s business partner Ravn Industri in bjerringbro, Denmark.

From Mayonnaise to Gummy Bears

The order is the latest in a long series of mixer orders. Daniatech was founded in 2015 and has since then supplied the process industry worldwide with mixers and mixing equipment. Since the beginning, they have mixed everything from mayonnaise and chocolate milk to pesto and gummy bears.

“And the demand for Danish mixers is enormous,” Jens Andersen says.

“We are doing well. We have received the Danish Gazelle award two years in a row. A lot of different products are coming into play – such as beverages, sauces and hummus. Energy drinks are also something that many are investing in right now,” he says.


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