For food manufacturers, we provide just the right process technology – and all the supporting services necessary – to help achieve maximum value from manufacturing operations.

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The pace of change in the food industry is faster than ever. Consumers require functional food to fuel their brains and adorn their physical appearance. Underlying all these necessities is transparency, which sometimes means increased costs. The constantly growing number of advanced ingredients and formulations for new food products offer a great challenge for mixing equipment. These constant innovations in the mixing technology, which can contribute to lowering production costs without compromising on quality automatically, become a requisite. Therefore, manufacturers must provide customers with high quality and efficient products, at the right price, while also ensuring an up-to-date product portfolio.

To stay competitive and relevant, food manufacturers must keep up with the latest market conditions and constantly evolving consumer preferences.

Partnering for food production success

At Daniatech, our engineers know the importance of proper mixing. Even with the right amount of ingredients and flavours, the end product will never satisfy the high quality and taste requirements of today’s consumer, unless all components are thoroughly mixed. Although, many mixing solutions can overlap in use and function, and for vital process optimisation, the optimal mixer must be selected. Our commercial and process specialists work alongside your specialists to find the best possible solution to any operational challenge.

We realise that mixing is a key process and one of the most demanding unit operations within the process industry today. From smooth mayonnaise to chunky salsa, there are different requirements, and Daniatech can accompany any requirements you may have.

Set of sauces - tomato sauce, pesto, mustard, barbecue sauce, guacomole, mayonnaise.

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