About Us

Daniatech is a manufacturer of high-tech mixing equipment for a wide range of different applications.

Founded in 2015

Daniatech was founded in February 2015 to develop and sell “state-of-the-art” mixers for the process industry. With more than 25 years of experience in the food mixing industry, we know that mixers should be flexible when it comes to restructuring production, based on changing consumer demand.

Today, the company provides the next generation of industrial food mixing equipment covering both the food, dairy and beverage industries.

The flexibility is reflected in our solutions, as they are easily adapted to your specifications and existing equipment. Furthermore, the design of our high-shear mixers is flexible, and you can change your production while remaining efficient in your production to reduce cost, resources and energy. Our customers are met by dedicated experts with great knowledge and well-proven solutions. With our high shear mixers we offer:

  • Versatile application setups
  • Energy-efficient mixers that require 20 to 40% less energy
  • Fewer spare parts
  • Smaller footprint
  • Low noise levels – down to 74 dB

The vision is to become the leading, independent supplier of process and mixing solutions in the dairy, soft drinks and prepared food industry. The intention is to engage in long-term cooperations with leading global players in the food industry as well as small local producers. Also, the plan is to enter into strategic cooperations with independent system builders and consulting engineers.