Liquid batters

As condiment ingredients and formulations become more advanced, your processing technology needs to meet increasing demands for transparency, quality and efficiency.

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Cakes, waffles, pancakes – the use and options with batter are numerous. Depending on what type of product you are looking to produce there are different requirements and challenges associated with the production process – but what they all have in common are striving for high-quality and consistency in their products.

Daniatechs mixers for producing liquid batters, can be equipped with a powder funnel which will allow for easy addition of small ingredients. Vacuum transport to the mixer, makes it quick and effective to add the flour and sugar from powder storage to the mixer. The design behind our mixers have had a focus on innovating production processes, while also focusing on lowering the production costs, and making maintenance of the mixers easy.

Viscosity in the batter is an important aspect of production, as it is what controls whether or not you get a fluffy/airy product…

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