When producing mayonnaise, it is important to have a blending system that runs a continuous process, in order to sustain the correct degree of emulsification (colloid).

Batch process for mayonnaise production

Used for fries, sandwiches and much more, mayonnaise is a popular condiment/sauce for people around the globe. Depending on where in the world you consume your mayonnaise, you might experience a taste difference. In the Mediterranean area, you will notice a more distinct lemon taste, whereas in Europe, the taste is more of a slightly sour blend.

The mixture for mayonnaise consists of oil, emulsifier (e.g. egg yolks) and vinegar. In some cases, the mixture will also have stabilisers added, and this will be for mayonnaises with <70% oil. These ingredients will be stirred to high viscosity. Temperature-wise, the production of mayonnaise is often made as a “cold process”, where the temperature should not rise above 5°C.

When producing mayonnaise, it is important to have a mixing system that time and time again secures the correct degree of emulsification whether it be a cold or heat-treated process.

One-pot processing for mayonnaise

Mayonnaise, like so many other condiments/sauces, has its own specific processing requirements. We at Daniatech recognise the importance of choosing the right mixer for our customer’s production. With years of experience under our belt, we have developed one-pot processing which allows our customers to produce high-quality, cold-process mayo in one mixer without the need of XXX. The customer can add all ingredients in one mixer. Due to our unique high-shear technology, our mixers can create the emulsification process in just under XX minutes.

At Daniatech, we manufacture versatile and compact solutions for high-shear mixing, this ensures that our customers get a mixer that delivers a consistent and high-quality product.

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