Juices and Concentrates

As juice and concentrate products become more complex in a competitive market, we provide mixing technologies and processes that help you innovate, manage capacity and reduce costs.

Innovation in juice and concentrate beverages

Driven by greater demand for healthy products, fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates are popular throughout the world. Manufacturers are tapping into this growing opportunity and creating a wider variety of appealing products catering to consumer demands.

The number of advanced ingredients and potential for new product formulations continues to grow. To support their product innovation goals, many beverage manufacturers are expanding their juice and concentrate product ranges with fortified products, adding functional ingredients for specific purposes.

In addition to vitamins, which increase the nutritional profile of juice products, other functional ingredients typically added to juice products include omega-3, fibre, bioactive compounds and probiotic bacteria.

Optimising the mixing process

The increasing complexity of juice and concentrate products means new demands on capabilities within mixing processes and equipment.  

Daniatech can deliver solutions to help you meet any mixing requirements for the beverages you wish to produce. Our mixing equipment is designed to help you manage the complexity of multiple, new ingredients and to provide greater production flexibility.  

We provide greater opportunities for automation and allow you to achieve higher capacities as demand for your product grows, while also reducing labour costs.

Ask us how we can help you plan or optimise your mixing processes.