Test before you invest

Test before you Invest – A motto we work by in Daniatech. As a result, we can supply test mixers on a rental basis or facilitate tests at our Innovation Centre.

Testing products in a test mixer is a cornerstone in choosing the right solution for the individual customer. With the option to test your complex product before you invest, Daniatech helps ensure that the mixer is right for your application.

Advantages of testing

  • lower potential risks
  • reduce your time-to-market for new products
  • validate processes and recipes ahead of full-scale production
  • improve product homogeneity/structure
  • optimise batch cycle times and confirm shelf-life
  • be on top of CAPEX / OPEX
Daniatech LabMaster
Daniatech LabMaster

High-end test facility

SiccaDania has recently established an Innovation Centre. This centre provides facilities for testing in pilot scale. Costumers may benefit from testing a processing set-up. Customers can thereby get the right production equipment tested in order to conform with the quality of the products. Tests may be in combination with purchase of single industrial unit from the SiccaDania Group, or process development for new processes.

At the SiccaDania Innovation Centre a unique collection of equipment is available for test. These include: raspers, centrifugal sieves, hydro cyclones, LabMaster mixer for recipe testing, various filtration units, freeze dryers, separation equipment including decanter and various drying equipment covering zeta dryers and spray dryers.

Additionally, our laboratory facilities are equipped to perform characterisation and simple application trials. The equipment includes analytical instruments such as chromatography, dry matter determination, particle size determination as well as bio-active compound analysis using capillary electrophoresis techniques.

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