Daniatech MixMaster

The MixMaster is most energy-efficient solution for inline High Shear mixing on the market.

The mixer works according to the rotor-stator principle, where a special closed mixing wheel passes the product through patented slots.

The MixMaster unit is very versatile and can be used in many setups and application.

For low to medium viscosity the mixer performs the out pumping action itself.

For high-viscose applications (>250cp) the setup requires positive feeding.


The High shear mixer pump offers two different types of operation:

  • Batch operation – the mixer is placed in a circulation loop over a process vessel
  • Inline setup – the mixer is placed between to process vessels and operates in single pass.
  • For some applications the mixer ads a light homogenisation

Standard equipment:

  • Mixer unit (WEG) with flushed mechanical shaft seal (requires frequency control)
  • Tri-clamp inlet/outlet
  • Motor Cover
  • Frame with 4 feeds on to change this text.
Daniatech MixMaster
  • Double mechanical shaft seal with Bürkert (1/8”) solenoid valve and throttle valve
  • Bypass loop for extra circulation over mixer
  • Fitting SMS DIN/ISO. Other on request
  • Other motors, Nema exx., etc. on request
  • Injector for powder intake with 100 litre funnel (See InjectMaster product sheet)
  • Start/stop Box with soft starter
  • Start/stop Box with inverter

Download product sheet:


Technical specifications

ModelMotorFlowMixing CapacityInlet Pressure
MixMaster 16011 - 15 kW40 - 60 (2 bar) m³/h10 - 15 m³/h0,5-5 bar
MixMaster 20030 - 45 kW90 - 125 (2 bar) m³/h25 - 30 m³/h0,5-5 bar