The LiquidMaster is the most energy-efficient solution for inline High Shear mixing on the market.

The powder is dosed manually into the vessel, where the liquid level is manually controlled by a butterfly valve on the inlet pipe. The mixer works according to the rotor-stator principle, where a special closed mixing wheel distributes the product through the patented slots. The unit circulates approx. 75% of the liquid back into the vessel. The mixer is very versatile and can be used in many setups and applications.

For low to medium viscosity the mixer performs the out pumping action itself. For high-viscose applications (>250cp) the setup requires positive feeding.

The mixer is integrated into a table that offers an ergonomic working position.


The LiquidMaster is used for mixing of powders and liquids:

  • Sugar solutions
  • Recombined dairy products
  • Brine emulsifiers
  • Stabilizers
  • Etc.

Homogenisation down to 1 my lump free.

Standard equipment:

  • Mixer unit (WEG) (230/400V 50Hz) with shaft sealing
  • Tri-clamp inlet/outlet
  • CIP spray ball with manual butterfly for cleaning
Daniatech LiquidMaster
• Powder hoppers (100 l, 250 l, 500 l, 1000 l & 2000 l)
• Powder hopper for small ingredients incl. butterfly valve
• Extra powder valve 2½” butterfly/extra inlet in top
• MCC panel with frequency converters
• I/O panel for pre-connection to central control
• Outlet pump
• Load cells (2 Global Weighing) with transmitter in stainless steel box
• Insulated jacket
• Process valves of different brand (GEA,SPX, etc.)
ModelMotorFlowMixer capacityTank volumePowder capacity
LiquidMaster 50-1607.5-11 kW25-30 m³/h15-20 m³/h200 l40-60 kg/min