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Daniatech was acquired by SiccaDania in March 2018. Hear the CEO, Søren Steen Rasmussen,

explain how Daniatech can complement the existing portfolio of SiccaDania.

The Daniatech ProcessMaster 1000 is compact and perfectly optimised for energy-efficient high shear mixing, it is also virtually maintenance-free.

The Daniatech ProcessMaster 5000 can mix sauces, mayonnaise, dressing etc. The ProcessMaster has already been sold to several producers.

Melting/mixing cheese to slurry using the Daniatech LabMaster

The Daniatech LabMaster 100 being used to mix humus.

For the pizza both cheese sauce and tomato sauce is needed. The Daniatech LabMaster can be applied in both production lines and ensures a smooth and lump-free end product.

The Daniatech LabMaster can be integrated into several production lines. The Daniatech LabMaster can be used in the production of cheese sauce for pizza.

5-ton ProcessMaster for production of infant formula for spray drying. This mixer is currently operational in Sweden.

Daniatech LiquidMaster can mix many liquids including Chocolate Milk.

The Daniatech machines can be used for a variety of applications. Here you can see the Daniatech Labmaster make the batter for pancakes.

The Daniatech LabMaster comes with an isolated jacket for fast heating, which makes the cooking of vegetables a quick process.

The LabMaster 100 is compact and designed to work as a pilot mixer. It is small but perfect for developing new recipes.

The Daniatech VacuumMaster is equipped with a powerful High Shear Mixer. This combination of vacuum and the vortex separates the air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogenous dispersion.