It is one of Daniatech’s primary objectives to provide top quality processing equipment for the food industry. This ensures our customers continuous and satisfactory operation and is our guarantee against unexpected and costly downtime.

Our equipment is manufactured in stainless steel and/or plastic material with no risk of corrosion.

All materials are food approved and all employees in our supply chain are trained and skilled workers with high seniority.

Before shipment a dry test is carried out on all equipment to ensure 100% functionality. Installation is carried out by the same people who have manufactured the equipment.

The design of our products is hygienic to meet the ever increasing requirements in the food industry, which means that all components in contact with the product can easily be dismantled and cleaned. CIP (Cleaning in Place) systems are available in order to reduce total cleaning time.

Energy efficient design

Monitoring and strategically integrating all facets of energy efficiency into our solutions is an important part the sustainable and ecologically sensible market leadership.

Daniatech therefore pursues an approach which encompasses innovative energy concepts for our own manufacturing facilities, as well as our products and solutions which are optimised for reduced energy consumption.

Thus we supports our customers in producing high quality products in an energy-efficient manner – to the benefit of both the environment and the profit of our customers.

Daniatech quality and environment