The InjectMaster is the most energy-efficient solution on the markets for inline High Shear mixing. The special designed injector creates a strong suction of powder.

The mixer works according to the rotor-stator principle, where a special mixing wheel passes the product through patented slots. During operation the mixing wheel accelerates the liquid and creates pressure in the injector pipe, which sucks in the powder from the powder funnel. The amount of powder is controlled by a manual butterfly valve.

The mixer unit is very versatile and can be used in many setups and applications. For low to medium viscosity the mixer performs the pumping action itself.
For high-viscose applications (>500 cp) the setup requires positive feeding. The mixer system can be integrated into a table that offers an ergonomic working position.


The InjectMaster can be used for various applications e.g.:

  • Powder and Liquids
  • Sugar Solutions
  • Recombined dairy products
  • Brine

Homogenization down to 2 my lump free.

Standard equipment:

  • Mixer unit (230/400V 50Hz) with single shaft seal
  • Tri-clamp inlet/outlet

* The InjectMaster comes with an option of an ergonomic working station

Download product sheet:

InjectMaster documentation

  • Double mechanical shaft seal with Bürkert (1/8”) solenoid valve and throttle valve
  • Powder automation – vibrator, level switch, actuator
  • Control cabinet with frequency inverter
  • Control cabinet with frequency inverter and powder automation
  • Fitting SMS DIN/ISO. Other on request
  • Other motors, Nema exx & etc on request.
  • Ergonomic working station*

Technical specifications for the InjectMaster

ModelMotorFlowPowder CapacityOutlet Pressure
InjectMaster 40-1605.5 kW25 m3/h40 kg/min2 Bar
InjectMaster 50-1607.5 kW40 m3/h60 kg/min2 Bar