Daniatech by SiccaDania has raised the bar for High Shear Vacuum Mixing

Daniatech continues the development of quality mixers after being acquired by SiccaDania. With a portfolio already encompassing multinational customers, the acquisition provides further international demand for Daniatech mixers.

Daniatech, in cooperation with Packo Pumps, Belgium, developed an energy optimised High Shear Vacuum Mixer. This compliments the customer’s increasing demand for reduced Total Cost Ownership (TCO).

By using Computer Fluid Dynamic (CFD), we have been able to optimise the energy consumption of our High Shear, thereby reducing the customer’s energy consumption by 20-30 %. Even with an intern recirculation flow in the mixer of 70-1100 m3/t, our solution is so silent that the mixer can be installed into the production line without the need for further casing. The products we deliver are energy efficient and have a reduced footprint of approximately 30%, says Claus Patsheider, Key Account Director, Daniatech by SiccaDania.

Our solutions are adapted to the customer’s applications and integratable in existing product lines. Compared to the traditional High Shear Mixers, the solution from Daniatech gives customers a simple and robust technology with a focus on reducing wear and tear parts. The technology is constructed with the intention of using standard spare parts, which the end-user, in theory, can purchase.

Unique design – reduced use of stabiliser

Creating a homogenous and stable product without the use of stabiliser and emulsifier is of ever increasing importance at Daniatech.

Because of the unique design and close tolerance of our High Shear, the homogenising agent, added to the product, has a documented improved homogenising degree.  Some of our customers have reduced the use of stabiliser by using our product solutions, without compromising the quality of the product – a direct cost reduction, says Claus Patscheider.

The next generation is ready

The current technology is applicable with

But it does not stop here. Daniatech introduces the next generation of High Shear Vacuum Mixers, at this year’s FoodTech 2018 exhibition in Herning.

We are proud to announce that the new dynamic rotor now is a reality. In close cooperation with Packo Pumps, we can now offer our customers this new patented solution. The dynamic rotor makes it possible to change the position of the rotor – enabling the customer to, in one instance, subject the product to great shear forces (+50.000-s) – and the next, lift the rotor, thereby allowing a free flow without obstructions through the stator. This way, we can achieve a twofold increase in the recirculation flow in the mixer. Because of the high turbulent flow across the rotor, a mixer equipped with a cooling/heat jacket will have an effective energy transferal. This new solution is optimal for Food Applications, where the main components are a water/oil or oil/water emulsion containing sensitive particles. These particles cannot be turned into purée, according to the customer’s specifications, comments Claus Patscheider.

This solution enables high mechanical force and a delicate touch to be applied to the product using just one unit. The typical applications are BBQ and similar sauces, different types of dip as well as a few Home and Personal Care (HPC) products. The HPC products have bigger fragments that are mixed gently with a homogeneous base-slurry.

Visit us at FoodTech

For further information go to www.Daniatech.com or come and meet us at the product release of the new Dynamic High Shear Device, at stand M9676 at FoodTech 2018, Herning, Denmark from the 13th to the 15th November.

Daniatech High Shear Mixer

SiccaDania Group – Facts

  • 100% Danish owned company
  • Owned by select key persons in the company as well as a couple bigger investors.
  • Delivers process equipment related to the processing of liquid products, evaporation, spray and flash drying, fluid beds, UHT, membrane filtration and High Shear Mixing
  • A significant player on the global process equipment market within dairy-, food-, ingredients and starch industry.
  • Acquired Daniatech in the spring of 2018, who complements the product portfolio within the dairy-, food- as well as soft-drink and juice industries.


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