The BasicMaster represents the newer and more energy-efficient generation of mixing solutions for the process industry. Not only is it more compact and perfectly optimised for energy-efficient high shear mixing, it is also virtually maintenance-free.

Powder is added manually through the man hole and is instantly incorporated into the liquid. The mixer generates a controlled vortex in the tank, which contributes to separating air from the liquid and generates a perfect homogeneous dispersion within seconds.

The result is a highly stable and homogeneous end product, which is lump-free and contains a minimum of air.

Depending on the selected options, the mixer can be used as a batch mixer or an in-line mixer. For in-line mixing a circulation loop is required.


The BasicMaster has been optimised for mixing of a wide range of products, e.g.:

  • Products for spray drying
  • Soft drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Sugar solutions
  • Pectin solutions
  • Syrup
  • Slurries
  • Soups
  • Recombined milk-based products
  • Etc.

Standard equipment:

  • Mixer unit with flushed mechanical shaft seal (requires frequency control)
  • Man way with safety net and safety switch
  • 1 x outlet valve (butterfly)
  • 1 x liquid inlet
  • 2 x rotating spray balls
  • 2 x level sensors – top & bottom
  • Fittings: TRI-Clams, SMS or DIN-ISO

(The final product must be pumpable using a standard centrifugal pump – viscosity up to 2000 cP. For viscosity above 2000 cP, a DTM process mixer is required)


Download product sheet: Basicmaster Data Sheet

  • Extra top inlet/sampling
  • Sack delivery chute
  • Level control pressure transmitter/control valve for level control with tangential side admission
  • MCC panel with frequency converters
  • Load cells with transmitter in stainless steel box
  • Outlet pump (must be equipped with frequency converter, if used as inline mixer)
  • Insulated jacket

Technical Specifications

ModelProduct densityViscosityMixer effectPowder capacity
2501-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp11 - 18,5 kW50 kg/min
5001-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp18,5 - 22,5 kW50 kg/min
10001-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp22,5 - 30 kW100 kg/min
20001-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp30 - 55 kW150 kg/min
30001-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp55 - 75 kW200 kg/min
50001-1,35 kg/l1-2000 cp75 - 90 kW300 kg/min